Getting to Marburg by train

Marburg has direct train connections to the two next larger cities, Frankfurt and Kassel. In both cases, the total trip takes one hour, and trains depart every hour (see the train schedule at the Deutsche Bahn website). If you arrive from Frankfurt main station (Hauptbahnhof), depending on your chosen connection, you will take a RE, HLB or an IC train. If you take a HLB, be careful: Some of these trains are being split in “Giessen”. Make sure that you are sitting in the correct half of the train, going to “Treysa”, not “Dillenburg”.

Get off at “Marburg (Lahn)”. Depending on your train and your direction, the station before is either “Giessen” (IC or RE from Frankfurt), “Marburg Süd” (HLB from Frankfurt), “Treysa” (IC from Kassel) or “Kirchhain” (RE or HLB from Kassel). The bus stop at the main train station is located in front of the exit. For travel plans from there, see the RMV website. Taxis are also available from the main train station.

Getting to Marburg by airplane (Frankfurt Airport):

Starting from Frankfurt airport (Flughafen), Marburg can be arrived by train via one intermediate stop, Frankfurt main station (Hauptbahnhof). The complete trip takes about one hour and 20 minutes.

At the airport, get to Terminal 1 (if you arrived at Terminal 2, the “Sky line” will be faster and more comfortable than the bus shuttle). At Terminal 1, follow the signs “Bahnhöfe / Train stations”.

Trains to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof leave frequently from platform 1 at the airport’s regional station (Regionalbahnhof). Look for a red DB ticket vending machine, where you can look up the next connection to Marburg and buy the corresponding ticket, which costs – depending on the connection – about 15 to 25€. The station where you change is “Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof”, from where you can follow the given information “Getting to Marburg by train” above. Tickets for the entire trip can also be bought digitally using the RMV app (for Android or iPhone).

For full travel plans, including bus connections to your hotel, and up-to-date travelling information, visit RMV.

Getting to the venue

Directions to the venue from the main station are found at the Venue page. For full travel plans, including bus connections from your hotel, visit RMV.