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My team works on programming tools that supply developers with actionable feedback during development. Feedback is actionable if it is relevant to the programmer's task, if the programmer can rely on its correctness, and if it arrives in a timely manner. The feedback we derive protects developers against introducing unsafe code, security vulnerabilities, and specification violations, yet it also informs development tools such as compiler optimizations and refactorings. To address this vision, we conduct basic research in programming languages, algorithms, and software verification that enables actionable feedback in a form that is useful in practice.

PhD Students: Oliver Bračevac, Sylvia Grewe, Sven Keidel, Gabriël Konat, André Pacak, Luís Eduardo Souza Amorim, Tamás Szabó

Alumni: Edlira Kuci (PhD 2019), Florian Lorenzen (PhD 2015)


I serve on the following committees:
2019 JOT (editorial board), OOPSLA (PC), ICFP (ERC), GPCE (PC), ECCOP Workshops (Chair), LangDev Con (Orga)
2018 ASE (PC), SLE (PC), GPCE (PC), Scala (Chair, Steering until 2021), SLEBoK (PC), SAC OOPS (PC), NIER@ICSE (PC), COMLAN (guest editor)
2017 GPCE (Chair, Steering until 2020, Steering Vice-Chair since 2018), IC@PLDI (Chair), META (PC), PEPM (PC), SPLASH Workshops (PC)
2016 ASE (ERP), ECOOP (PC), Scala (PC), LWC (PC), SPLASH Posters (Chair), GPCE (PC), LaMOD (PC), Dagstuhl Seminar on Incremental Computing (Chair)
2015 SLE (PC), DSLDI (Chair), WGP (Chair, Steering until 2018), Dagstuhl Seminar on DSLs (Chair)
2014 DSLDI (Chair), PLATEAU (PC), Parsing@SLE (Chair), DADA (PC), Onward (PC), GPCE (PC, PUB), LWC (PC)
2013 GPCE (PC), WCRE (tool demos), HessPL (Chair).