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  • Oct 2017: I am serving as General Chair of the Scala Symposium 2018.
  • Aug 2017: Attending Dagstuhl Seminar about The Software Language Engineering Body of Knowledge.
  • Aug 2017: Journal paper about first-order logic for language exploration accepted at SCP.
  • May 2017: Attending Shonan Meeting Seminar about Language integrated queries: Towards standard logics for big data analytics.
  • May 2017: Paper about incremental type checking accepted at ECOOP.
  • Mar 2017: Paper about modules for model-driven development accepted in new journal on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming.
  • Sep 2016: Coordinator of the Software Technology Track of the master program at TU Delft.
  • Aug 2016: 3 papers accepted at SLE 2016, 1 paper accepted at GPCE 2016.
  • Aug 2016: I will chair the PC of GPCE 2017.
  • July 2016: 2 papers about program analysis accepted at ASE 2016.

About me

  • 2016–now   TU Delft, assistant professor
  • 2012–2016  TU Darmstadt, post-doctoral researcher, working with Mira Mezini
  • 2009–2012  University of Marburg, Doctoral degree, advised by Klaus Ostermann
  • 2008–2009  BRICS, Aarhus University, PhD student, master's degree
  • 2004–2008  TU Darmstadt, bachelor's degree

I am the lead developer of the extensible programming language SugarJ, which allows programmers to flexibly integrate new syntax, static analyses, and editor support by library import. SugarJ extensions are scoped via the module system and multiple extensions compose if activated in the same scope. Since SugarJ allows flexible and principled domain abstraction, it is particularly well-suited for the embedding of domain-specific languages.

My general research interests include: extensible programming languages, domain-specific languages, language design, language tooling, declarative parsing methodologies, module systems, type systems, and static analysis.


I serve on the following committees:
2018 ASE (PC), SLE (PC), GPCE (PC), Scala (Chair), SAC OOPS (PC) NIER@ICSE (PC)
2017 GPCE (Chair), IC@PLDI (Chair), META (PC), PEPM (PC), SPLASH Workshops (PC)
2016 ASE (ERP), ECOOP (PC), Scala (PC), LWC (PC), SPLASH Posters (Chair), GPCE (PC), LaMOD (PC) Dagstuhl Seminar on Incremental Computing (Chair)
2015 SLE (PC), DSLDI (Chair), WGP (Chair), Dagstuhl Seminar on DSLs (Chair)
2014 DSLDI (Chair), PLATEAU (PC), Parsing@SLE (Chair), DADA (PC), Onward (PC), GPCE (PC, PUB), LWC (PC)
2013 GPCE (PC), WCRE (tool demos), HessPL (Chair).